Essay Conclusion Examples

Essay Conclusion Examples

Creating an essay finding seems like the most straightforward thing to do when it comes to writing an essay. However, you`ll find that writing conclusions requires a lot more energy than you expect. In this text, we will both enlighten you how to skillfully write findings and give relevant examples to cement what we are implying. Some, instead of reading theories, prefer reading actual examples, and learn through them.

Before we begin, we would like to answer the question, "What is a finding in an essay?" Well, to put it in layman terms; this is the last chance offered to you in the essay assigned, to persuade your readers into agreeing with your point of view.

A finding's main objective is to leave a lasting impact on your readers even after they are done reading your essay. These are some of the critical areas that should be looked at when writing an essay conclusion:

  1. How to Structure Your Narrative Essay Conclusion

As stated earlier on, your finding should be captivating enough for the reader to recall it moments after reading your article. Here are some of the significant things that should be looked at if you aim to blow away the minds of your readers:

  • Begin with the theory statement of your essay.
  • Borrow the core objective from the article's 1st
  • Borrow the core objective of the article's 2nd
  • Borrow the core objective of your article's 3rd
  • Compile the original intentions of your essay, and have all the significant questions in your article answered.

In your work, always take note that the number of sentences in the closure is directly proportional to the number of paragraphs in the essay's body. Usually, most conclusions come after the body paragraphs, but it is also essential to know how an end for any article begins.

The introduction of an essay is usually general when it comes to the subject at hand, but the conclusion is specific. Therefore, essay conclusion examples by nature, are opposites with introductory.

Here is an example that covers the points above.

"Without any doubt, cats are the greatest pets on the planet. They offer a cleaner environment in your homestead, and they courageously show their feelings. In case you feel that you have missed out on joy, well get up and make a positive impact in your life by getting a cat!"

  1. How to End a Discussion Skillfully

  • It doesn't matter whether it is an essential or inessential source; you need to conclude your work with a citation. One that can either amplify your core points or put your readers in a separate angle than what you expected. A quote, be it from a novel or any other piece of literature, can give your discussion a particular texture or specificity that is efficient especially when it comes to deriving your final point.
  • Conclude your work by having your discussion set on a broader context like linking a 19th-century magazine to today's most popular news magazine.
  • Finish your discussions by adding a redefinition to some of your crucial term arguments in your essay to give your work an edge of uniqueness.
  • Conclude by showing what your arguments imply.

  1. The Key Points of How an Essay Should Not End

  • If you want your work to stand out, don't merely summarize it. A synopsis of your case can be helpful, especially if you have a lengthy review of 15 pages or so. But when it comes to Shorter essays, rephrase your core objectives.
  • Phrases such as "Concluding,” "summarizing,” should be avoided. These phrases are helpful, especially in oral presentations. But in essays, readers tend to be irritated because such phrases are apparent.
  • Resist the need to apologize. Once you have focused everything on the subject, and by the moment you are through, there may be doubts about what you have produced. Ignore them and always remember to never undermine your work by including phrases like, "This is among the approaches to the topic.”
  1. Relevant Conclusion Examples

In this part, we are going to derive our points by digging deep into some of the most favored essay conclusion examples.

Writing a narrative essay conclusion is an activity that is quite different than writing an investigation essay conclusion. For those who don't know, some readers usually go straight to the findings before going through the whole essay. This is because they intend to understand what your paper entails briefly. Here are examples of both the narrative and analytical essay conclusions.

Narrative Essay Conclusion Example

As you write a narrative essay conclusion, you have to remember you are narrating a story. You don't have to state facts or quote figures narrate the actions and what happened to your characters.

"At this moment, Jane and I hurried back home we saw the big bad wolf laying lazily on mommy's bed. This was not a nightmare or anything of that sort, and the wolf didn't eat mommy. It was her friend Elena.

That very moment as we were about to run, mommy came into the house and assured us that all was well. It is terrible to make quick decisions, even when the situations at hand, seem evident to you."

The above example is how a narrative essay conclusion example should be written. Keep in mind always that it doesn't have to be factual all that is needed, is to narrate a story.

Analytical Essay Conclusion

Let's expound more on analytical essay conclusion example on the topic of Joselyn Lydia and her significance to women and their impact in modern society.

"In her ways, Joselyn was a liberator of women's rights and fashion. She made her choice to become a free woman from society's limits and the medieval corsets. Joselyn began the start, although many mental obstacles were not immediately broken. As women worldwide were waiting for the sign to launch their revolution, Joselyn's bright star shone more than what the women would be expected to start their fight.”

Other than the analytical and narrative types of essays here are other examples of different formats, namely: Argumentative, persuasive, Investigation, Explanatory, and English essays.

Argumentative Essay Example

Another favored discussion is whether nuclear weapons should be banned worldwide? Here is the conclusion to such a heated debate:

"Due to political tensions in various countries, it is unlikely that a worldwide ban to be effective. This is because, in some countries, it is important that they are armed in case another country uses a nuclear weapon against them. However, as much as this is among the reasons that enable countries to have nuclear weapons, this doesn't mean that nuclear arsenal can be tested simply as a show of military ability."

Persuasive Conclusion Examples

For persuasive essays, their conclusions usually use a similar format to the other types of essays:

  • Rephrase the theory
  • Rephrase the two core reasons
  • Have a sturdy call to action

It is advised that you shouldn't rephrase the whole approach presented in your introduction. Have your position stated for a period, and that would be all. Don't prove your work is correct. Report it, and that will be enough.

Investigation Essay Conclusion Example

The conclusion in the investigation essay is similar to the analytical. You first need to rephrase your theory and then bring your main objective to the spotlight.

The following example can be used as reference to how World War 2 was both a tragic period and at the same time a moment where mankind realized the value of peace when it comes to existing.

"While the World War 2 was at its peak, mankind was slowly fading to an end. The core reason as to why we still exist is because it is in human nature to struggle for life rather than destroying it. Therefore, it is clearly shown that one's future can be either damaged or built to become something that is brand new."

How to Come Up With an Explanatory Essay

In this part, the trick here is to focus everything on the main objective and theory statement. Take advantage of your introduction and use it to create the ending for the entire essay.

In this example, we are going to use the introduction that Columbus Day in modern America is usually celebrated at different angles. With such an introduction you can creatively form an excellent conclusion.

"The Columbus Day is a celebration with mixed feelings. On one end, there is a group which celebrates when America came to be. While on the other, they think it's a day to commemorate the loss of millions of local Americans who died and their social well- being destroyed. One thing remains the same, and that is Columbus will be remembered for his vital role in the modern history of America and of the world.”

English Essay Conclusion Example

English essay conclusions are popularly categorized as the hardest of them all. The trick behind this essay is to come into an understanding of the end that you are required to make. Therefore, ensure that you have read your source both repeatedly and carefully so that you can master the main objective.

The example that we are about to show you is from a book named, "The rise and fall of Napoleon” written by Jason Adams. This novel is simply about a man, who rose to power in his country. Unfortunately, that power corrupted him, and it was the course of his downfall. With such an understanding of a novel, work becomes easier when you are coming up with a conclusion.

"Jason desired his characters to appear real. He even borrowed some features from historical figures and other real people. Orwell introduces Napoleon as an individual who was damaged by power and furthermore; he has left the audience in the loop to figure out if indeed, Napoleon was corrupted by power from the very beginning. To bring reality, the author made sure that there were effects that could intrigue the audience.”

  1. The Significance of Essay Conclusions

A conclusion's main motive is to provide clarity and have your core points driven to the readers for the final time. It is only in the judgment, whereby you get a chance to impress your readers and offer them an opportunity to comprehend why your paper is essential.

A conclusion offers completeness in your work; therefore, you need to practice ending it in on a positive note. Findings do not provide new objectives; they sum everything up, rephrase the theory, and most importantly, leave a final positive impression in your readers' minds.

Here are some of the aspects that you should not forget:

  • A sturdy essay has a conclusion that doesn't rewrite your theory from the introduction but rephrases it.
  • A sturdy essay should only consist of a minimum of 3 sentences.
  • Lastly, a relevant conclusion should not give any new objectives but conclude the author's thoughts.

As you write, one needs to make their conclusions brief and clear. The main objective must remain constant throughout the entire paper. With some of the patterns laid out here, you can come up with the best essay conclusion example.

  • First of all, you need to count your points beginning with the most, to the least valuable one.
  • In the same way, sort things out so that you can have your theory rephrased.
  • Come up with a conclusion that ends with a question.

In your essay, make sure that your investigative and classification skills, are of the best level. Effectively combine all the objectives that your work entails and summarize them clearly in such a way that your reader can be able to tell the last comment of the entire topic you've been discussing.


In your closure, the most important thing you need to do is to make sure that all parts of the essay are in a similar stream. Each section is interdependent on the other, and the conclusion is an arrow in your quiver that shoots forth the knowledge concerning the topic hence leaving your audience with the final impression.

Always remember to be transparent and honest from the deepest part of your heart. Don't try reaching new dimensions while writing an essay conclusion; instead, cement your previous objectives. With that, we hope you have learned a great deal from this article.