Famous American Writers

Famous American Writers

American literature has matured and evolved over the years to what we're studying today in the many academic institutions around. Dating back in time to the 19th century, this was a revolutionary era in terms of writing growth and realizing new heights for American literature. These were the times' essay writers realized they had a calling and duty to enlighten the people on what was going on through their writing talents. Many people were experiencing lots of changes considering it was the Europeans that were in the government at that moment.

New styles of literature were adopted during this time with the likes of naturalism and realism styles playing a significant role in American writers putting across their information. Considering what went on during those days, essays and poems were the best options Americans could use to communicate to the rest of the world and tell them what was going on.

A great thing that happened during this 19th century is the separation of American literature from British rights of publication. The England authors had total control over the publishing rights of American literature, and this didn't quite go well with the Americans who viewed it as oppression. For some, it was also because America previously didn't have what it takes to make the necessary publications and had to seek for editors from England. Freedom for America in 1776 was a significant milestone, and the events surrounding this breakthrough were something worth nothing. The great essayists that arose during this considerable period gave the world a new understanding of what it had to offer.

Excellent Essay Writers in America

Essay writing has come too far, and this is thanks to our great essay writers. Let's take a look at some of the notable American writers in history and their literature contribution.

  1. Wheatley Phillis

Wheatley is one of the greatest poets that ever lived. Her poems would touch the hearts of many souls who took their time to read them. She had a unique talent of writing having been taught by her owner Mr. Wheatley who later died and left behind magnificence. Her target audience was not only the white people who oppressed and harassed the blacks but also some all men who went too far to mistreat the women in their lives. She wrote pieces like; Religious and Moral. This was a collection of poems that talked about the role of religion towards the morality of the community. The literature society recognizes her as the second African-American woman to get her essays and poems published.

Before her writing revelation, she was a slave somewhere else in deep America. Luckily, she was kidnapped and sold, the family that bought her was welcoming and taught Phillis how to read and write, and later the mastery of literature. This was a groundbreaking moment for her. They captured her talents and motivated her to start on composing poems at a tender age. Later on, her creative works were praised by George Washington and Hammon the writer. Such accolades steered her to more writing and became popular in the whole of America and England. The recognition fueled her to keep on writing and touch the souls of many.

  1. Hammon Jupiter

Hammon was among the pioneer African-Americans to dock the writing industry with their gifted magnificence. Jupiter was an outstanding essays and poems writer who came up as the first African to get his writings published. His early work was the poem titled An Evening Thought. The poem was good for the soul as it sent secure messages of inspiration and hope for a better future that is to come. Jupiter was also a man of the Bible, and through his writings, he managed to get out the word of God to the people. The many other poems written by him were a real inspiration to the unrighteous that troubled people during those times.

Not enough of writing and preaching the word, Hammon was also a human rights activist who advocated for freedom black people, but in his entire life, Jupiter never got a chance to enjoy the freedom he advocated; such a sacrifice from a gifted writer. In the times of the civil war in America, he took key roles in some of deliberating campaigns and organizations that represented the rights of African-Americans in New York City. He went ahead to address the legislating body at that time where he made it clear that the heaven that is to come is free of slavery and black oppression. Some say it was through his publications and advocacy that slavery was abolished, well, ask them.

  1. Charles Dickens

Who in their right mind has studied the 19th-century American literature and doesn't know this gifted essays and poems writer whom to date is still recognized as an outstanding novelist. Take a closer look at the life story and upbringing of this man Dickens, he went through a very hostile childhood, and despite this, he still made it to the top novelists of their time and today still is. Over the years, Charles developed a life-work balance that geared him towards coming up with some of these astonishing works of art we see today. Many libraries in America wouldn't miss a book or two by this gifted novelist.

The main distinguishing feature about books by Charles Dickens, besides being that much captivating from the beginning to the end, is that they were so long most people ended up saying that he got paid for each word he wrote. Nonetheless, this was just a notion going around for it wasn't right. The truth is, he was paid in terms of installments with his novels selling for weeks to months. During his times he wrote several novels, and we managed to sample a few for you so that you may check them out sometime.

Some of his great books include:

  • Oliver Twist
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • Great Expectations
  • David Copperfield

In his works, this gifted author focuses on the Victorian leadership in Britain and all that was going on in England, having been their nation's colonizer. It was a move to expose the social circumstances surrounding the Victorian era. We live to celebrate the works of Charles Dickens, more so those who were interested in reading lengthy novels.

  1. Henry David Thoreau

He came up top during the revolutionary era. Massachusetts was his hometown and where he spent most of his life. America lives to remember Henry as one of the most outstanding and influential American writers ever to live on this earth. Despite talking on issues that didn't merge with the American trending times during those days, Henry was a great speaker who expressed his views on lifestyle and was quite a skeptic towards the changes that take place in life. He advocated for simple living and was against the societal norms that people attribute to as progress in life.

He received lots of criticism from some of the speakers of his time mainly those from England, but this did not stop him from publishing his great works of literature. Among the top publications that touched the souls of many readers and attracted quite an audience was;

  • A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers and Walden; Or Life in the Woods.

In his different piece, Walden, which has received great love and reviews from the many who read it; not enough, the current literature works appreciated as a magnificent piece of art. Thoreau's important gifted writing skills and creativity was attributed to him being a critical thinker as the many who had a chance to interact with him would after that praise his brilliance not only in matters of literature but generally.

  1. Dunbar Lawrence

Lawrence is a magnificent timeless writer, and you must have bumped into some of his works during one of your many literature adventures. And yes by timeless, you should read his works, and you'd side with us on this. Some say the creativity and imagery this magnificent poet possessed was unparalleled, and why should we disagree on that. He was also a victim of the ongoing slavery and oppressive African-American life in the states. It was a robust encounter for Dunbar, and this was the source of inspiration to finally drive him to turn things around instead of remaining silent, he opted to speak on the acts of inhumanity that went on.

Long before the Harlem renaissance Dunbar had already written about the oppression that Africans went through in the hands of the white colonizers. Having been one of the many, the narratives he wrote on were first hand. He later went on to publish poems even in the vernacular language all to target the necessary audience and reach out to as many people as possible. This gave him popularity and made him one of the most influential African-American essayists that took the front with their creativity in literature. You should learn from such.

During Dunbar's essay writing and poems, he applied literature tools like humor, satire, and imagery. Some of the essays and poems he composed expressed romance in the prime ways and was loved by many for the art. These are, but a few of the essays and poetry Lawrence blessed the people of America with;

  • We Wear the Mask
  • Malindy Sings

  1. Thomas Paine

The famous Paine was a human rights activist who expressed his views through writing and is remembered to date for his significant role in fighting for America's fight for freedom. The people of America at that time were going through lots of trauma and depression. What Americans could use at such a time was an inspiration, and that's what Thomas Paine gave them. In his writing, you'd appreciate that Thomas was among the very optimistic essay writers who believed in the struggle for a better tomorrow. He went to publish several pieces that showed his mastery of literature and creativity. The most famous essays and poems by Thomas Paine were;

  • Common Sense
  • The Rights of Men
  1. Jacob Riis

Jacob was of Dutch origin but later on, moved to America and settled there. While in America, he opted to write and express his opinions on the ongoing habits in society. He was a man of sympathy, and this prompted him to write and not keep it inside for long. At his time in America, Jacob became a journalist, and this offered a perfect opportunity for him to interact with some of the meek in the community. Based on the many encounters he had and the sympathy drive. He wrote expressed the view on the poor and humbled in the society through his great pieces of art in writing and styles of photography. He took photography seriously and made good use of flash photography in his books to emphasize his message.

This was warmly welcomed by the community who were marveled at how one could incorporate flash photography in literature and bring out the intended message.

This was evident in his magnificent piece How the Other Half Lives. The whole world finally got to know what was going on through Jacob's creative style of essay writings. Many essay writers to date give credit to his work.


Essay writing can be approached in many ways. Some great essayists thought it wise to defy the rules of writing and look at what they gave us; great essays and poems that everyone wishes to read over and over again. You could as well master this art if only you took your time to go through them and know what they incorporated and some few tricks here and there. Just remember; new styles of literature were adopted during this time with the likes of naturalism and realism styles playing a significant role in writers putting across their information. Considering what went on during those days, essays and poems were the best options Americans could use to communicate to the rest of the world and tell them what was going on.

Go out today and compose essays and poems based on what is happening within your environment. Remember to come back and share with us your experience.