How to Write a Classification Essay

How to Write a Classification Essay

A classification essay is an essay that will require you to group generalized pieces of information into different groups or categories. Technically, they are rare in high schools and lower levels of education, but as you ascend the academic ladder, chances of meeting them are high. But this is not a call for alarm if you don't know how to write a classification essay. In this article, we are going to go through a single plane that can give you the headstart on how to write classification essay. It is not rocket science, just the normal stuff but from a different perspective. Even if you have never really written an essay before on your own, this one will walk you from your station to the masterpiece.

Depending on whoever is giving you the assignment, the topic could be twisted into different phrasing styles. For instance, there are those who would provide a general essay, while there are others who would quote specific areas that they need to be covered in the essay. Others may give you a generalized open essay on classification writing and include specifications in another format. But as a writer or a scholar, you need to learn how to deal with any that are posed to you irrespective of what time of the day or year it is. And that is precisely the much we shall give you in this simple write up. Just stay put!

  1. Preparations Before Writing a Classification Essay

Before you set out to the actual writing of the essay, one has to prepare. Several things are paramount in the build-up to a good classification essay write up. In as much as a classification essay resembles an imaginative composition, a lot of facts are expected in the content. This is one of the many things a writer should be aware of before engaging in the writing itself. If you desire to come up with a good classification essay, here are a few tips on how you prepare for it.

  1. Research on the Content

A lot of background check has to be done on the content. You need to familiarize yourself with what you are expected to capture in the essay. For instance, assume you are given an essay entitled ‘classification writing on types of farming.' Most people may not have the expected level of expertise on what the types are. Many more people have not even ventured into any agricultural grounds. And those who might have the knowledge may still be deficient in some aspects. It is therefore essential that you do research on the data that you need to include in your essay.

Now, there are the sources of information that are universally accepted as legitimate, lest you get cooked data and write a good essay but full of rumors. If you decide to do extensive research about a topic you are to write about, it is highly recommended that you use acknowledged textbooks, journals and recognized sites on the internet. The quoting of information from such quarters is deemed as reputable, and referencing is always allowed. This will give warranty to your classification essay's authenticity and protect you from any disputes regarding inaccurate data.

  1. Materials

Writing a classification essay is a task just like any other. It requires tools to accomplish it. That is why assembling your materials before writing the essay is very crucial. The materials you will use will depend on the content you are expected to expose in your essay or the nature in which the tutor or the reader expect your essay. For instance, it goes without saying that if your reader expects a handwritten essay, you will need a pen and paper as the primary tools. If a printed essay is the one in question, a computer to type and printing paper are undeniably the tools. It is also vital that we mention the importance of having your tools in surplus.

You do not want to be rushing to collect more supplies in the middle of your writing! And if you are using a device like a computer that may be inaccessible in surplus, you will need an uninterrupted supply of electricity or power. All these assemblages are destined to make you concentrate on the writing of your classification essay. Repeated on and off presence is not good for the flow that is desired in classification writing.

  1. Environment

The environment is like the arena or the stadium where everything goes down. In basic scientific terms, the environment refers to one's surroundings. In settings that are a little more advanced, it is categorized into the physical environment and non-physical environment. For optimal effectiveness and efficiency, you have to consider both these environments before engaging in your writing.

On the physical environment, it should be set to be comfortable and conducive for writing. It is typically the same environment one prefers when they are revising for an exam or studying. The physical environment will entail the chair you will sit on, the ambiance of the room, ventilation, noise regulation and elimination of all possible physical distractors. You need to find an ambient room, where your brain won't be boggled by anything unnecessary such as loud music, a crying baby, passing cars, excessive heat or anything else. Comfort and the ambient environment are paramount for the focus intended.

Care has to be taken to avoid too much comfort though. And notably, if possible, keep your phone away. It has been recognized as one of the commonest distractors that stem from ‘comfort' when writing classification essay.

Talking about the non-physical environment, we are looking at all the internal factors that may pose as possible distractors and hinder the full-time concentration of the writer. These include issues such as mental stress, ailments such as headaches, confusion, and others. A stressed writer is unlikely to produce the masterpiece they expect. They will be unable to bring their background check on the topic together with the writing techniques they possess to answer the question. Headaches pose a similar threat except the only difference would be that in their scenario, full blown lack of concentration may be the syndrome. Therefore it is imperative that these potent distractors are toned down.

  1. Organization of Your Classification Essay Sample

This part is crucial. How you organize your work will give the reader an impression of how organized you were when doing it, how deep you dug in the preparation and how good of a writer you can be. Just like dress code, organization of your classification essay is usually used to prejudge the writer. If you write in prose, no heading, subheadings or even a title, very little interest will be accorded to your work, even if the content is dazzling.

But systematic writing will enable the reader to follow your train of thought and capture even the little details that you may have implicated but not captured. If the question posed to you requires an answer given in point form, and you give your answer in prose writing, that will not augur well with whoever will be reading it, and too bad if they are meant to award you marks. Here is a general flow of how classification essay examples are written.

  1. The Introduction

This is the doorway whereby you invite the reader into your essay. In this part of writing a classification essay, you have to show that you understand the topic and elaborate it a little bit for the reader. For example, if you are asked ‘how to write classification essay,' your mandate is to expound on how a classification essay is written. You have to break down the topic to an understandable language. Notably, the tone you set at this point determines how far you go with your writing. Your sentences should carry the reader along with them, paragraph after the other to the very end of the essay.

In the introduction, a bit of the perspective you will take is also necessary. The reader is thrilled if they have a clue (but not the full content) of what will be written in the body. If the reader cannot fathom your introduction, they will not be inclined to continuing with the essay. Simplicity and brevity are of the essence in the introduction paragraphs. Any essay, in particular, has three primary parts:

  1. The Body

The body is a massive part of the essay where everything is put in black and white. All the discussions are taken to their exhaustion, and the finest details are aired. When writing classification essay, the body is supposed to take a particular shape and have a particular pattern. The reader expects to come across groups and categories in the body since as per the topic, you are supposed to ‘classify.'

Therefore, some numbering system is inevitable in the body of the essay. Descriptions are also expected in the body and possible comparisons to draw lines between seemingly similar terminologies or concepts. This is even more prominent in classification essays samples where the writer brings up terms that are new to the reader or strikingly similar to one another. It is therefore mandated that in the body, the writer explores every word and concept to the best of their ability.

  • The Conclusion

A classification essay conclusion is not a big task. Anyone with a basic understanding of essay writing can do it. Nonetheless, it is crucial. It is the part where the writer tones down the essay to its basics and ties everything together. The writer is further expected to highlight a few issues not captured in the essay. For instance, if the question was ‘how to write a classification essay' and the writer chose one approach to discuss, they are at liberty to highlight or at least mention the other methods they sidelined. This gives the reader the completeness they were hoping to get on reading the classification essay.

  1. Post-Writing Review

After compiling your classification essay, it is highly recommended that you go through it at least twice. Primarily, this is encouraged because it enables you to assume the eyes of the reader and gauge whether your communication will get to them as intended. Furthermore, some critical aspects of corrections only come to light after proofreading a text. For instance, the flow of concepts can only become apparent if you keenly scrutinize your text to see if you achieved the aspired congruence of sentences.

Spelling checks are also part of the post write up review. Misspelled words have a negating effect on all written essays. To eliminate this and the possibility of appearing incompetent, a spell check, even if online, is highly recommended. It is essential to bear in mind that some laptop and computer configurations stick with one of the many versions of the English language. For example, some computers will autocorrect words from British English to American English. This may have an impact, however little, to the effect on the reader.


Writing classification essay examples has become a typical deal nowadays more than ever. People nowadays delve into classification essay examples to get assistance on how to organize their concepts. Having a proper guideline about your essay, coming up with an understandable presentation of ideas and ultimately nailing the classification essay conclusion are essential, not only for the grading but for other readers as well. Many people and new writers look up to those who have attempted to do things before for inspiration, guidance, and motivation in a replication of the same.

This format of writing a classification essay has been used severally by previous writers. It has the benefit of having a simple organization, so it is easy to prepare for and execute. Even the toughest and most complicated of classification essays samples can be broken down into the three essential components discussed above. This will help the reader grasp more concepts and follow your train of thought, and you will have achieved your goal.