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How to Write a Good Social Media Essay

How to Write a Good Social Media Essay

Social media is defined as any platform that allows web-based interaction. Seeing how humanity has been edging close and yet even closer to global interconnectivity, it shouldn't be surprising that it has become crucial to global growth. At this point and time in World History, Social Media is a multifaceted creature born of years of innovation and reinvention. It is the ultimate crutch of every individual in the modern world as it requires us to be tuned in to the trends and news of the moment.

Different is the topic of social media; from positive aspects of driving and tracking the world's forward progress to negative issues about privacy, cyberbullying, mental effects, and others. So how can you write an excellent social media essay putting all of that and more into perspective? Quite only actually, here's a simple algorithm that can save you from the rampage of a deadline. It matters not whether the essay is intended for school or your weekly blog.

Your thought-process must be included as it humanizes your social media argumentative essay, and yet the breadcrumbs must lead your reader to the information. Evidence-based pieces are legitimate anywhere in the world, including your classroom, and it is wise to write the social media essay within the confines of the instructions given. Join us as we look into how to write social media essay.

Background Information

History. Very important whenever you're faced with a daunting project such as writing about social media. A great beginning to your essay would most definitely be a description of the history around social media; its birth, the evolution it has gone through and the challenges that developers and users have faced since its inception till date. A large portion of your audience will depend on you to tell them how desperately humanity needed to interact beyond the borders of the physical to develop this intricate network. The general understanding of how you will do this has to be the most natural thing you will do in your essay.

Social media is not a new invention, and sites, including Twitter and Facebook, have been the possibility of centuries of scheming and innovation. Putting in mind the revolution in science that made possible the telegraph, the telephone, and the radio, revolutionary ideas that made long-distance communication develop from something like magic to reality. Dissemination of information via faxes, and full broadcasts was then made possible creating awareness on matters of importance and yet being a source of a new form of entertainment.

From then on, it was a slippery slope to the invention of the first supercomputers with the world superpowers competing to decode war messages and send other secret codes. Thus, a wide-area interconnection would create the internet. And just 20 years later, the '60s would be the playground for internet mails, Emails as we now know them.

Six degrees was the pioneering social media site that almost synonymous with today's websites, allowed people to make friends online. Blogging sites followed suit a year before the new millennium and changed the face of news and article-based entertainment. And with that social media following a domino effect with sites such as Myspace, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other photo-sharing sites. The dominance of Facebook and Twitter can not easily be swept aside as they have been popular with most of the world's population. Developers have found exciting ways to spice up social media with options such as location tagging, filter effects for photos, cross-posting, and all these make for maximum interaction.

Through all this history, it is clear that man's intention has always been to reach out and with that out of the way, the basic skeleton of a social media argumentative essay can be founded.

Noteworthy Social Media Essay Topics

Now that we have covered a bit of the history of social media, it will immediately become apparent what is important in terms of social media essay topics. Not only will you learn how to write social media essays, but of greater importance is the topic you decide on. It will form the foundation of how extensive your research must be and what tone will be chosen to address the issue.

A good topic must be chosen with great confidence. The topic has to be based on trending news and issues that exist only recently. A credible example of this would be the Facebook scandals. Such a topic is diverse and gives you much to discuss about. The essay about about social media must be a topic that piques your interest, tickles your, and downright makes you want to do more research. With your attitude focused on a passionate topic, you'll always have something groundbreaking to uncover.

Since the social media craze is still a widespread happening, here are some well-fitting topics that can form the core of your academic paper or blog post:

  1. The Progressive History Of Social Media
  2. What Is The Significance Of Social Media?
  3. Social Media's Influence On Culture
  4. Social Media's Influence On Business
  5. Advertisements on Social Media; Miracle or Menace?

How to Write a Good Social Media Essay

As academic articles, social media essay topics are beneficial to a developing mind, and they create an avenue for the imagination and radical thinking simultaneously. Lecturers and teachers of campuses all over the world are waking up to these facts and are assigning relevant topics such as these n order to engage the young minds. They consider these topics to be relevant and almost personal to most of their students. It is in the engagement of their students that skills in writing, editorial, researching, and referencing are developed. At the end of such projects and assignments, the examination is due. Therefore, the skills needed to write a social media argumentative essay must be capitalized here. The question how to write a good social media essay can be answered as seen below;

  • The Introductory Paragraph

This is the welcoming section of the essay about about social media, and you need to give it your ultimate best and nothing short of that. The introduction of your work could even determine the attitude the teacher/professor will develop towards your essay about social media.

A major avenue to take when seeking out that brilliant essay is, of course, to pick out from the variety of topics allocated, one unique topic. Here's where the professors and teachers usually should step in since guided allocation goes a long way to motivate students. The variety of topics must span the interaction of social media to individuals, society, and organizations. It must be objective and specific; this way, the student will not veer away from the agenda of their social media topic. The thesis statement then must be formulated according to these guidelines, or the essay will fail to be persuasive.

Next is the formulation of a simple outline. This will include a history on the topic say the introduction of advertisements to social media. This would form the introduction to your research paper.

  • Transition Paragraph

Then a smooth transition to the body paragraph would be impressive and would show the flow of thought. This development might tie the history of the topic in the previous section and redirect us to current events surrounding that topic in the body paragraph.

  • The Body Paragraphs

The research will provide information that is worthwhile and trends connected to the social media topic n question. Trending information makes for more important news than older data.

For example, in this scenario, you might explain how advertisements on social media have made advertising cheap and efficient as they are targeted at a specific population.

This could be captured within the body of your essay. Within the frame, make sure to give plenty of evidence-based writing with references and quotations. The shape of the article should include one idea n each detailed paragraph. This creates comfort for the reader, who is warming up to the thoughts you are presenting. It shows clarity and detail. Every idea in the paragraph must be linked to the thesis statement.

  • The Concluding Paragraph

Finally, you're at the end of your paper. Congratulations. And now how do you sum up your work? Quite simple. Having worked on a splendid thesis statement in your introduction and backing up your body paragraphs with enough evidence to put Sherlock Holmes out of work, the conclusion stands to proclaim that you put n the job and you have more answers than when you began.

The conclusion part of the paper would most definitely be the part that includes your opinions, preferences, and recommendations concerning the matter at hand. It's a tricky affair since all the evidence must line up with your final deduction. Logic implies that no new information should be added here but efficient digestion of all that's been presented within the body of the essay. Remind the reader why you pursued the topic and review the points that matter to your deduction.

The conclusion isn't necessarily the final standpoint or a permanent stamp but an opinion that may not even be well-footed on either side. For example, concluding that social media has both good and bad effects could be a reputable approach that would be truthful to the situation.

  • The last step would be to take the draft and repurpose the rough sketches into the final essay. Format according to instruction, with intense grammar checks that could be a classmate, tutor, or online apps that scan through your paper and help in the final corrections. In the end, by submitting your essay about social media, you would have achieved more than you know.

There are various ways you can make your essay stand out. Many such ways include:

  1. Pros and Cons

To be unbiased, this method would be adequate in letting the reader decide for themselves which attitude to pursue.

  1. The One-sided Essay

When you have strong evidence concerning social media, it is wise to defend those opinions and attitudes to try and convince the reader — proving that social media has a negative or positive influence on society in more ways than one would stand out. Your defense should either reiterate the impact of social media positively or negatively, never both.

  • The Social Media Argumentative Essay

Heavily based on thorough research during which, the individual learns different perspectives on the topic and finally deducts the truth concerning the matter assigned. One must form a profound thesis and be ready to do intense research that includes literature reviews.

Usually, works well with the five-paragraph format. With an introduction paragraph, three evidence-based body paragraphs that may present conflicting opinions and lastly the conclusion.

Quick Tips

  • Finding Inspiration

Use words that are directly related to your topic and can be supportive of your argument. Always demonstrate the relationship between your thesis and the rest of the social media essay.

  • Style, Tone and Flow

Like any other composition, your writing must be appropriate to the academic topic. Anecdotes and jokes aren't necessary for an essay about social media. Evaluate the tone and write appropriately.

The language should also be tailored to your target audience, in this case, your professor or instructor.

  • Referencing

A lot can be said about the bibliography on an academic paper. Simply put, if the social media topic you are transcribing is sourced from a legitimate person or organization, then citation of this source is crucial. The system of APA referencing is the most common and involves stating the author and year of publishing. Referencing is rare, however, in non-research academic papers as it doesn't involve wide literature reviews.


Whenever you want to write a good essay on social media, the chosen topic is to be the center of your attention. Pay attention to the body of the paragraph as this will convince the reader on your opinions and give them the facts they need. The conclusion will be your saving grace, only if well tied to the body and your thesis statement. Stay logical and ensure free-flowing thought to take center stage providing your reader and yourself are in sync.

We hope this article has been of much assistance to you and that your social media essay writing skills will reward you when you take on these academic pieces!

Do you have any other social media writing tips that have worked for you previously? Please share with us by commenting below.