How to Write Brilliant Topic Sentences

How to Write Brilliant Topic Sentences

Writing an essay can never be interesting without a good topic sentence which hooks up the readers into the piece. In the field of academia, you will be required to write an essay by your lecturers and the basic elements that you will need besides your pen or a computer is the skill to generate a compelling topic sentence. Readers are interested in a first line which highlights the key concepts within the essay, and it is for that reason that every good writer will not overlook the importance of the topic sentences. Traditionally, how to write topic sentences has been a discussion that has taken place in learning institutions with some recommending to the student the best way that they think it should be done. Before even dwelling into some of the best topic sentences and how they are written, it is imperative to know what the topic sentence is in the first place.

What is a Topic Sentence?

These are the first sentences preceding the body of an essay. They serve the role of bringing forth the main idea the writer is trying to discuss in the body before following lines further substantiate even they.

Characteristics of Brilliant Topic Sentences

Before one begins to write topic sentences, knowing their characteristics would be of great value and will impact how the writer finally approaches the topic sentences. Good topic sentences have the following traits:

  1. They are brief in terms of the content that explains the subsequent ideas or concepts that follows
  2. They grab the attention of the readers by providing a statement which leaves a long-lasting impression on the minds of the readers
  3. They don't disclose all the argument to the readers at once, but they instead prompt the reader to read and get the case for themselves

To write topic sentences, the following examples of topic sentences will be central to giving you an idea about how to approach it. We have provided five types having hints of words.

Examples of Topic Sentences with Cues

Different topics or the subject of discussions warrant a different type of topic sentences. But, the purpose of all papers remains to pass information to the readers so that they can get to know about something which was initially unknown to them. With that in mind, it is also imperative to take note of the fact that sentences' forms also vary in different topic sentences papers.

The Descriptive Topic Sentences Paper

Some of the keywords or cues to look for in this case will be words such as it turns out, have proven, and so forth. Here is an example of topic sentences that are considered to be descriptive:

  • Scientists have shown that there is no connection between HIV and chimpanzees as others have claimed.
  • It turns out that the manager did not initiate the conspiracy to rob the bank.

Topic Sentences of Cause and Effect

Here, the following are some of the cue words that can inform the topic sentences paper. They include: results to, influences, results in, effects, and the examples of topic sentences could be:

  • Spanking of children causes depression and negative learning attitude
  • Hard work and proper research results to academic success
  • How a parent behave at home and workplaces influences the behaviors of their children at home

Topic Sentence of Verdict

This is another way of how to write topic sentences. The cues characterizing verdict topic sentences are: ought to, should, need to and the examples are as written below:

  • Private means of transport should be regulated.
  • The cause excessive consumption of alcohol ought to be established by the psychiatrist.
  • Dinner needs to be served as early as possible.

Topic Sentences of Relationship

These topic sentences are characterized by the cues such as ‘in relation,' ‘in connection to.'

Here is an example of such a topic sentence.

  • A good harvest can be determined in relations with the number of time farmers invest in the farms

Topic Sentence of Observation

These are the topics that are based on one's experience with an event. How one saw things as they unfolded. Here are some of the cues that are synonymous with observational topic sentences: reveals or shows:

Examples of topic sentences with Observational Cues

  • The current trend shows that youths have adopted a new culture
  • Ministry of information has revealed that social media usage has exceeded the expectation

Ideally, writing topic sentences that are considered as useful requires the writer to take note of the fact that the purpose of a topic sentence is generally to provide an idea to the readers of what they expect. Every good essay must arouse some curiosity, and this is the purpose of good topic sentences. When writing a topic sentence, it is equally imperative to adopt a style that allows the topic to be complemented by facts and if statistical, then with figures to that effect. After the supportive points have been explored, it is also prudent to provide a good concluding line to the topic sentence.

How to Write Topic Sentences

Writing a topic sentences paper requires basic ideas and procedures that take into account things like the writers major point or concept. This means that as a good writer whose intention is to create a good topic sentences paper, you will have to begin by first:

Stating the Ideas Vividly

Your creativity prowess is put to the test at this level. Ideally, you need to be as transparent as possible with a topic sentence because you are introducing an idea to the readers at this point, therefore, you don't have to circumscribe the whole concept by using a lot of unnecessary words. Keep it short, concise, and straight to the point. The idea is to put forth your opinion as to the writer and the subject of discussion so:

  • It should not be an invitation or formal announcement but instead, the topic sentence must speak for itself. Avoid topic sentences such as "I would like to tell you that excessive sugar is the cause of diabetes.” Let the readers get the intention of the topic sentence just by reading it and the rest of the paper.
  • Use examples of topic sentences that are guiding instead of giving information instantaneously. A good example would be "there is a relationship between sugar and diabetes” because this example will leave room for further substantiation of the argument by the writer.

Balancing the Topic Sentences

How to write topic sentences is a balancing act that requires the writer to strike synergy between the general aspects and the specific ones. Some topic sentences are just too broad general while the best are very specific. The general ones are important because they give the writer some space to later make an argument that supports the topic sentences whereas the specific ones are equally important given that they are easier to understand and work around. The critical point to remember is that to write topic sentences, the thesis statement of the paper should be the basis of all arguments. These imply that:

  • Ambiguity and vagueness should be avoided at all cost because readers are least interested in documents that do not tell them what they want to know succinctly. For example, do not tell readers through a topic sentence that "the world war two affected people” because that would be too general to argue against.
  • On the contrary, avoid narrow statements that offer nothing new to the audiences such as "Christmas fall in every December.”
  • Mainly, writing a good topic sentences paper will require some balance whereby you will give a bit of the fact and at the same time, raise your argument.

Grabbing the Attention of the Readers

There is more to catchy phrases and attention-grabbing headlines than just dull topics. Readers want to finish reading the article you have created, and it is for this reason that you have to provide topic sentences that glue them until the very end of the paper. In this case, a considerably good topic sentences paper should arouse some thinking in the mind of the reader in addition to leaving them yearning for more. The following are some of the ways that you can use to create an attention-grabbing topic sentences paper:

  • Describe the character and say something, albeit in a small portion that is funny or exciting about the character.
  • Apply active voice or a conversational language to warrant the response of the target audience
    • Create some emotional statements or write in a way that emotion is brought out.
    • Apply the usage of details
    • Desist from applying sentences or phrases that are rhetoric in nature
    • Conciseness is the Secret of How to write Topic Sentences

On the first look, the readers should be able to get the topic sentence. It is not their duty to start tooth combing all the details to get it because that as earlier said will do nothing positive but will instead divert their interest. Remember that people have planned their time to do other things so you should make it easier for them to get your topic sentence by making the sentence as short as possible and as sweet as possible. Essentially, you need to help them read the paper by giving direction without much hesitation and providing details that are not necessary.

Avoid Biases, Instead, Provide Opinions that are Reasonable

Just as the thesis gives the direction and is supported by the body, the topic sentence is also supported by the content of the body or the subsequent paragraphs and it is for this reason that you have to be very careful in the manner in which you give out your personal opinions with regards to the topic sentences paper. Simply put, the content of the topic sentence reflecting your personal opinion should be able to get sufficient support from the body. The content supporting it must equally bear all the elements of truthfulness and credibility.

Given that your intention is to tell the readers or your audience something new, you must be able to support the information with evidence. The choice is yours to decide whether you want to avoid putting a personal opinion due to the fact that you may not have supporting evidence or whether to have it backed by enough evidence.

Make the Topic Sentences your Transition

This basically implies that the topic sentences should usher the readers into the next level of the argument as presented by the writer. He or she should not write topic sentences that are a means to their end. They should instead lead the readers into the interesting facts that are contained in the essay. Transitions play a greater role in bridging sentences and paragraphs and in this case if the writer thinks of them and makes his or her topic sentences then he would have achieved not only a better one, but he or she would have mastered the art of creating one of the brilliant examples of topic sentences. Some of the words that can be used in the topic sentence to make it great include:

  • Furthermore
  • Additionally
  • However
  • In addition to
  • Moreover
  • More so

To write brilliant examples of topic sentences, remember to factor in all the writing skills you have learned in your classroom including an understanding of the general essay structure and pre-writing activities such as research;

  • Creating the first draft
  • Creating if the outline
  • Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Submitting

The outline should have:

  • An introduction
  • The body
  • The conclusion

Quick Fact to Remember about How to Write Topic Sentences Paper

Appreciating the role of a thesis statement and understanding its relationship with the topic sentence paper. The purpose of the topic sentence other than to introduce the paragraph also serves the role of supporting the thesis statement or the claim by the writer and when you are writing an essay, remember to establish a connection between the two.

In conclusion, it is never too late to master the best trick when you want to write a brilliant topic sentence. This paper has elaborated all the basic steps that you will find helpful.