How to Write Research Paper

How to Write Research Paper

How to write a research paper with an A+ grade is a skill coveted by all students. As hard as it seems, any student can produce research papers with excellent quality. However to achieve this extreme excellence or perfection, one must rely on more than only knowledge. Successful students must foster positive attitudes and believe they are enabled to achieve their goals. As this is the start of writing a top grade research paper, and by following the steps below, you shall have a well-organized write-up.

Selecting Your Research Essay Topic

Ensure the chosen topic interests and challenges you. By doing so, the attitude towards the topic becomes positive which boosts the amount of effort and enthusiasm put into the research essay. Even though a particular topic might interest you so much, ensure it's a topic you have sufficient knowledge on and can comfortably tackle. Avoid those topics that appear too technical or specialized and those with limited or narrow sources of information.

Selecting the most comfortable topic is the best way of how to start a research paper. Good research topics are those focused as possible on a limited aspect as possible, e.g., "Religion" to "World Religion" to "Hinduism." Before commencing the research on a full-scale, obtaining supervisory approval on the topic is mandatory. For areas with uncertainties in completing expected tasks, seek clearance for tutors and re-reading the assignment sheets carefully.

Find Information for Your Research Essay

There are numerous sources for obtaining information for your research essay. The following are examples of some avenues that provide lots of information sources for any research essay:

Surfing the Internet

The internet provides a rich source of vital information and can even offer guidance on how to write a good research paper. The best starting point is using search engines to find general and background information on any topic under research. Other online information sources include useful URLs, public information sites, almanacs, and encyclopedias. Through the internet, you can access a specific research paper example to refer to previous research.

The internet has lots of websites, and some can confuse or swerve your focus on the research. On this regard, opt for specific URLs such as those for educational institutions (.edu), governmental institutions (.gov), and non-governmental institutions (.org). These sites contain more credible information for your research essay and less disruptive commercial advertisements. The following are examples of some information sources available over the internet:

  • Encyclopedias such as Britannica, the Canadian Encyclopedia
  • Google Scholar
  • Index to Periodicals and Newspapers like
  • Subject Specific software, i.e., discovering authors
  • Online reference materials, including databases, like SIRS, eLibrary, ProQuest, etc.
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines and Journals
  • International Public Library

With the numerous web services agents offering more customizable URL extensions, there arise chances of more confusion as to which site gets referenced. For instance, you can access "" URL which can easily pass off as URL. We place more emphasis on selecting the sites with credible extensions as the ones mentioned above and using only trusted search engines.

Print Media in Libraries for Research Essay

Print media can also offer valuable information for the research essay. Check out the following informational sources

  • Almanacs, Atlases, AV Catalogues
  • Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
  • Government Publications, Guides, Reports
  • Magazines, Newspapers
  • Vertical Files
  • Telephone Directories

Make the Research Essay Thesis Statement

Majority of research essay papers require a thesis statement which illustrates the main idea or the central point of the research. The arguments fronted in the research paper center around the main idea. Critically think about the thesis statement and have it down in one sentence. This sentence is considered the declaration of your belief which you will defend throughout the progress of the research. You can refer to a research paper example if uncertain about how to have yours or seek your supervisor's guidance.

A good thesis statement offers guidance on how to write a research paper by providing the direction of the research. Thus it occurs early in the research paper in the introduction or the second paragraph. However, it is not formulated right at the beginning of the assignment. First, collecting materials and correctly synthesizing the information is due before formulating the thesis statement. Also, it will keep changing as ideas develop and progress throughout the research.

Make the Research Paper Outline

Creating a research paper outline is critical in having a well-organized research paper that remains focused on the subject matter. The overview of a research paper is either informal or formal. The informal outline also referred to as the working outline helps the author put down and organize their ideas. The working outline is always subject to intense revisions without paying much attention to form.

The formal research paper outline uses numbers and letters to arrange topics and subtopics. Letters and numbers of a similar kind or level get placed under one another. On the other hand, a logical order is used to group headings and subheadings denoting a particular topic.

Organize Notes According to Research Paper Outline

Critically analyze the research data and organize the information gathered according to the research paper outline. Use the best available sources to ascertain the information's accuracy by verifying it's up-to-date, correct and factual. Use techniques such as separate lined or colored papered to indicate different ideas or topics and subtopics. This step is crucial in writing a research paper as this is where all the importance of the information included in the research gets assessed.

In the event of preparing yourself on how to start a research paper, paying close attention to how you organize your notes helps make writing the research essay quite easy. Ensure only the information you understand well gets included in the research paper. Avoid ambiguous data and especially information irrelevant to the research topic. Create a personalized organizational structure for having your notes expertly arranged in the most concise and understandable order.

Revise the Outline Draft for Your Research Essay

After you have organized all the relevant notes of the research, before you begin writing a research paper, revise the outline to ensure all the relevant information gets organized accordingly. Ensure the topics get arranged according to the outline and that all the subtopics, headings, and subheadings fall in the right positions and follow the correct order.

Regularly revising the outline is the best way of how to do a research paper that scores the best grades. After every step of the writing process, review the outline to ensure all the revisions get reflected and included in the research paper.

Start Writing the First Draft

By this point, the best structure for your research paper is already in place, and all you need are a few tips on how to write a good research paper to complete the process. Start from the first topic in the outline by discerning the relevant gathered notes and synthesizing them into meaningful data for your research paper.

Following the organization structure set up above is the best approach on how to do a research paper. Ensure all the note cards arranged in the order in which they appear in the outline. You can use a word processor and use the several advantages to ease up the writing process like using specific filenames for easy data transfer to the final draft. When writing the first draft you can use unusual symbols such as "#" to indicate areas that require revisiting or revising for easy identification.


Any research essay requires a considerable amount of effort and preparation to achieve fruitful results. The process of preparing for the research paper is equally as important as writing the research essay. So to have the best research paper, meticulous preparations before writing the research paper is essential. Any student can produce that A+ paper if the steps of how to start a research paper outlined above get followed.