Synthesis Essay Sample

Synthesis Essay Sample

The process of collecting information from various sources and putting this information together as a single content is what defines a synthesis essay. In essence, information is usually contained in different sources. Such information as contained within their outlets expounds different subjects or topics. One can get data from a book, a magazine, journal or even a newspaper. The art of weaving this information gathered together and condensing them into one meaningful statement is what synthesis is all about. Additionally, some information sources are outside the traditionally known areas, and they may include observations, lectures, videos and watching television or even extractions from recorded voices or court rulings.

The ability to create something tangible out of all these sources requires a special research skill that is cultivated over time. For one to carry out a good essay, he or she must do a synthesis. This means that the topics must be well researched and a concept created to best describe a scenario by fusing various ideas and thoughts as projected by the various authors and sources. The internet provides various synthesis essay samples; however, here is how to write a synthesis essay.

Handling questions or study subjects that require synthesis demands of one to master the art of writing concept's summary factoring in all the necessary points. And to do so, you have to:

  • Write down all the major points' that you will require to develop a concept
  • Be able to create a coherent and consistent sentence that captures all the major points
  • Making judgments that are not only reasonable but which convince the reader that the points made are very important in the study
  • Have a well-defined purpose so that the synthesized information shall not be misplaced but will instead fit well in the paper thus helping you meet the purpose that you intended
  • Maintenance of a logical flow of the work right from the introduction to the very end
  • Be able to cite the contributing sources by in-text citation so that you don't use other people's ideas and fail to recognize them or that the information is not entirely yours.

Types of Synthesis Essays

Importantly; it should not be lost to the writer that the synthesis essays are divided into several major categories. This is the key to making a decision in terms of the type that the writer wants to adopt and the topic they want to address. These categories include:

Argument Synthesis

Basically, thesis statements and stronger ones for that matter are the basis for argumentative types of essay. They vividly project the perspective of the point of view held by the writer. Its organization is such that the data gathered and that is considered to relevant is used to render support to the thesis statement in a logical way. An argumentative synthesis essay writing sample is the business white article also called the position essays. Students write them during their tests known as AP's.

Explanatory or the Background Synthesis

As the term suggests, the basis of such essay is to explain in-depth the context, the purpose and the intention that a given argument is meant for. It aids in terms of presenting a reader with facts and points that are well elaborated so that they can understand the subject of the topic of discussion. Unlike the argumentative essay, this one desists from projecting a particular position or point of view but instead bears a weaker thesis statement with more elaborated content on the body of the article. If you have gone through explanatory synthesis essay samples, you will notice that they are trying to pass across some critical information in details.

Explanatory Synthesis Essay Sample: Example of an introduction

For many, abortion is another form of violence that is really terrible. It is equated to murder given that its execution process is tantamount to partial delivery and then killing. Not only have the religious and the moralists objected abortion claiming that it is in an actual sense killing a child one has just given birth to. They also say that it is evil and unacceptable. Women or people abetting abortion have been challenged to state whether they love life or not or if they too consider their lives as a mistake. This, however, a different position has been taken by others on the subject as they claim that abortion cannot be called or equated to murder given that the child has not been given birth to normally. It confers the right to choose what to do with an embryo to a woman as they also cite (that in most cases, abortion is necessitated by medical or health reasons. Those who support this position are known as 'pro-choice'. They believe that parents have every reason and right to choose what to do with their unborn child. They claim that whether to keep a child or abort it before birth should be left for the parents to decide. In my opinion, parents should not be allowed to abort; this is because I concur with the school of thought that equates the act to murder. Every human being whether they are still in their mother's womb or they have been born should be granted their full rights. That is the right to life.

Review Essays

These are papers written well before the argument synthesis to provide some prior perspectives before the final writing. Basically, it is an advanced discussion of the previous writings on subjects of discussions. Critically, it checks on the used sources and analyses them to bring to light their relevance and how the arguments contained within them connect to one logical conclusion. It presupposes in terms of thesis albeit extensive research ought to be carried out in the area in addition to proposing that there isn't sufficient information on a topic of discussion, therefore, more needs to be done. Science subjects or researches are more synonymous with this type of approach.

Examining Your Topic

Having examined other synthesis essay thesis samples you will realize that atopic is very important in writing such an article. Given that the purpose of such articles is to create contents that are insightful and connecting different parts of different works, a suitable topic is needed to explain the writing process. To write a synthesis paper requires the ability to ultimately present claims and support the claim in line with the topic. Basically, what this means is that when one is conducting a research on a topic, they must establish areas that are connecting and which can be transformed into some strong perspectives on the topic that has been chosen.

Choosing Suitable Topics for Synthesis Essay

Writing a good synthesis essay requires that one's consideration for a topic should factor in the broadness of the topic so that they can be able to bring together various sources that are related. The width should however not be such that you fetch all the information including the irrelevant ones just to fill up your page; the relevance is the key to this type of writing, and you shouldn't ignore it. Prior reading and research will help in coming up with a good topic that respects the basic rules. It is also advisable to remember that just as other synthesis analysis essay samples, the rule is that you should be able to bring out your points clearly and in a way that casts no doubt on the minds of your readers about the quality of your paper.

Carefully Choosing and Reading the Sources

Essentially, sources inform the synthesis style and the argument used. This means that when writing the synthesis essay, one should make a good selection of the sources that he or she intends to use. Given that you cannot claim to make a synthesis out of one source, it is important to select several relevant sources as much as possible as one dig into data that will inform the content of his or her work. There are several sources that are academically proven to be credible and suitable for students. One should consider such sources. In essence;

  • It is important to have more than one source
  • It is good to choose only the relevant ones
  • It is good to go past the number given by your professor in terms of the sources
  • It is good to read all the chosen sources and understand them in terms of how they relate to the subject of discussion.

Developing a Claim or a Statement of the Thesis

Having gained enough information on the subject you want to write about. It is time to come up with one's own opinion on the subject of discussion. This is what is also known as a thesis statement. In as much as argumentative synthesis essay samples have a stronger claim statement; this does not imply that the ones you read about on explanatory synthesis essay samples are not important. All forms of essays must have some sort of claims that expresses the thinking of the writer.

Synthesis Essay Thesis Sample

Abortion has had a lot of health implications, and worse yet, it has claimed many innocent lives and even those of the women who practice it, and therefore, it is one of the most dangerous practices that should be discarded.

The above as a synthesis essay thesis sample presents a strong argument that will make the readers get the writers point of view in addition to the writer's stand on the subject he or she is addressing. Generally, the thesis statement is like a pointer to the reader. It shows the gap the writer is trying to fill.

Outline of Synthesis Essay

The structure of a synthesis essay simply has an introduction to a body and a conclusion. Ordinarily, synthesis essay introduction sample has been written to help a student understand that every paper must be structured for the readers to be able to follow it without any problem.

The Introduction:

This is the most important paragraph because it provides a hook for keeping the readers on the essay. When writing this part, the writer must not forget the most critical element which will interest the readers. Such points also tell the readers the purpose of the article. Introduction part introduces a thesis statement which is justification by the writer. Here, the objective is to establish the purpose of the article. Additionally, the subject of the study is explained at this level to the readers.

Here below is a synthesis essay introduction sample:

Abortion has been a very controversial topic with some supporting it and others opposing it. In essence, there is an increase in cases of abortion among the youth. This worrying trend has sparked a debate that has placed the moralist at a position of debate against the pro-abortion team. It is tantamount to murder given that it cuts the life of the unborn child. Abortion has had a lot of health implications, and worse yet, it has claimed many innocent lives and even those of the women who practice it, and therefore, it is one of the most dangerous practices that should be discarded. This article will address the topic of abortion and the controversies surrounding it.

The Body

This is the part that supports the thesis statement made in addition to providing more details on the topic discussed. It also discusses the sources which complement the argument as projected in the article by the writer. Synthesis essay writing samples are not just put online to give information about the process of creating such an article, but they are structured as articles that can be emulated. Writing the body requires provision facts.

The Conclusion

This is the summation of the topics covered in addition to reminding the readers of the purpose of the article. A conclusion to a synthesis analysis essay sample is written to tell the readers about the substance of the document.


Synthesis essay is a document that combines various viewpoints and presents it as one argument. This implies that the document used and their sources should be cited because the writer is not only using his arguments alone but he or she is also incorporating other arguments in the work.