World Peace Essay

World Peace Essay

There's a lot to be done by students besides writing essays, and you'd find this is what gives them the worst headache, and so you wonder, how best can you help them with this. To lessen this burden for you, our team has come up with some of the winning tips that will see to it you deliver a top-notch type of a world peace essay.

Writing can be boring at times, but with this simple guide on how to write a world peace essay, you don't have to stress you anymore.

  1. Understand The Question

What is the question asking of you? The assignment on world peace comes with a question on what you're expected to tackle in your paper. Remember, there are different types of world peace essays, and you need to be aware of which one you're being asked to work on.

The types are;

  • Persuasive essay
  • Expository essay
  • Descriptive essay
  • Narrative essay

This, therefore, means that you will be composing the paper depending on the kind of world peace essay you are dealing with. The instructions also have some of the keywords that ought to appear in the world peace essay; you need to note them down and later on figure out how you're going to fix them in the paper.

  1. Choose a Topic

A lot is at stake here, when it comes to selecting a topic. Good thing, you already have a question to write on - world peace, what's left is coming up with focus based on the issue. More like a title on the subject matter. In unusual situations whereby you will be granted the freedom of coming up with your topic, well, let's say that's a good thing for you'll be having a myriad of options to choose from. You need to sit down and think through some of the working and trending topics you could write on, topics you can easily find resources to gather information from. Good practice would be to go for something that has already been covered before and that you'll only be adding cream to the cake. What was your purpose initially, if it were informative, go for down that road but if at all it was argumentative then that will require lots of brainstorming? Mind you, you'll be coming up with something that will pose a great discussion, and that gathering pieces of evidence wouldn't be that much of an excellent task.

Another option is to seek advice from your colleagues, senior students who've dealt with such essays before and finally your lecturer, who apparently should be your last resort. Eventually, you could go through an example of a world peace essay, analyze and see what made them settle for that topic.

  1. Draft an Outline

This a simple framework on how you're going to handle your world peace essay. Here you can decide to be as creative as you can get so long at the end of the day you get the job done and impress your lecturer with an excellent world peace essay. How to write a world peace essay outline is that simple, once you have the ideas and information with you, you need to find how you're going to structure them. The framework could involve the use of arrow trees to guide you with writing.

A writer can also come up with the essay structure. At the top of the page, write the paper's title, this can be something to do with world peace, and then divide the paper into the first part which is the introduction, the body paragraphs and finally conclusion. Between the outlines, leave room for more ideas in case you might want to fill in some.

Here's an example of a world peace essay outline;


  • 1st sentence
  • 2nd sentence

Body text

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting data
  • Analysis of data
  • Concluding information


  • Recap of the thesis statement
  • Supportive information
  • Make a recommendation
  1. The Essay Thesis

Having made the above three-step preparation, it's safe to begin now composing your world peace essay. The first step is you start by writing a thesis statement. You already have a title, now go ahead and tell your audience your opinion on the subject in question. The framework you earlier on prepared should be of help here. A good thesis must have two components; one will be stating your point of view, and the other will be supporting what you just said by giving an actual reason. All this is in one single sentence, not exceeding forty words. The thesis statement is usually placed at the end of the first paragraph and serves another role of transitioning to the next section. When working on your body, always remember to refer back to the thesis.

Once you're done working on the thesis statement, it would be best if you listed your ideas below to show how organized your work is. You'll have to draft a short framework which will serve to preview some of the few ideas and examples you'll be using to back the opinion you made in the thesis statement. However, you'd find most writers not using this having in mind that the topic sentences would do the same instead, but from our end, we'd recommend you to be on the lookout for such a winning move in your world peace essay. This also makes it easier for the instructor to follow up on your work leave alone showing them what the world peace essay is focusing on that in their minds they should be looking forward to reading information related to those ideas.

Something to remember…

Doing proper research just after getting your topic is a good idea you need to consider. This is where you now go into your books and literature sources to gather information on your issue. This research process was made more accessible the moment you decided to select a topic that is easy to collect information on and that writers are advised to settle for subjects that are maybe trending or are of much concern in many aspects of the society. A question that will assure you an attentive audience! The trick here is that you are required to use both primary and secondary sources for your information collection, but ensure that they are from credible sources.

  1. The Introduction

This is the beginning paragraph of your world peace essay. A lot is at stake, and we'd advise that you take your time to compose a fantastic introduction that you'll be confident enough to present to your lecturer and that will not give you any worries. You need to start working on your essay and in the first sentence, get your readers hooked into wanting to read more and more of your paper. An excellent way to start with is to use an appropriate transition and captive sentence. This can either be a quote by some of the renowned scholars in the field of world peace, a wise saying, and maybe some quotation from campaigns on world peace.

The world essay introduction also has a different role of giving your readers some brief coverage on what the essay is going to focus on. This is to prepare your readers for what they're going to deal with in the body of the paper. Like in this case, the topic is world peace so that simply means that you'll be handling issues related to world peace, but then again this is quite a vast topic, and you won't be able to write everything on world peace, an excellent way to go about it is to narrow down your focus and be more specific and targeted. Now the introduction paragraph is classified into three; to begin with there is the opening transition sentence, moving forward we have next two sentences where you can give some descriptive information on the topic, and finally, we have the last part which is often not considered by students - it is the mini-outline.

Do we know you're wondering what a mini-outline is? To shade more light on this, this a simple listing of some of the main ideas you chose to write about. They come in the form of topic sentences for each of the paragraphs to be covered in the essay. They make it easier for the readers to follow up on the paper's content; A reader could easily refer to the mini-outline just in case they forget some of the main ideas; remembering all the information can be that stressing at times, one could use an easy reminder. An excellent way to structure the mini-outline is to write in point form, make it easy to refer, plus it's supposed to be short, and this is how you get it done.

  1. The Essay Body

Moving forward to the next section of the world peace essay structure that occurs between the introduction and the paper's conclusion is the body text. Earlier on in the introduction, you declared your point of view on the issue of world peace, this stance you opted for after doing a thorough research and analyzing information from various resources and finally considering it to be the best fir opinion you could present. Using this, you have to make it count, and this is how to go about it. You ought to show your readers why they need, and this should assist you in convincing them to accept your angle of view based on the presenting information. This is not as easy as it might sound for there's a lot at stake here. Any wrong signal you send to your readers, and you've lost them. This isn't all about you presenting the shreds of pieces of evidence you gathered, but instead, you need to put it some effort to achieve what you intend to.

Whatever you choose to give to your readers must be the best of the best. In this section of the world peace essay, you'll be dealing with lots of paragraphs, let's say three the least, but it all depends on the instructions. What matters now is how you're going to present your arguments. Start the paragraph with a topic sentence, which is an example of an idea you're going to discuss on. This should be an eye-opener to the reader; it makes them aware of what you're dealing with.

These topic sentences are the ones earlier on mentioned in the mini-outline, and this means that the reader will be anticipating to come across them along the paper's course, well, this is it! Be keen on the length of some of the sentences, remember it's a topic sentence, and therefore you need not make it that long; a proper penalty shouldn't exceed 25-30 words. For any clarity, reach out to the assignment instructions, but if all you still find it confusing, we'd advise you to seek clarity from your instructor.

Strive to achieve at least four sentences per paragraph and maintain that measure throughout the world peace essay.

  1. The Essay Conclusion

This section of the paper, just like the introductory paragraph, is equally important and needs to be approached with caution. This is an opportunity for the writer to sum up everything they've been writing on the entire world peace essay into a practical take-home message for the reader. It shouldn't be that long or too short, at most let's say five sentences that relevant to what you've been discussing on.

Avoid bringing in new information in the conclusion paragraph. That's more like a surprise, and this is a formal essay on world peace, not some fiction story you'd wish to wow your readers. Excite your readers with the strong parting message you'll make in your introduction. You could as well restate the thesis to emphasize on the significance of your angle of view.


From the look of things, you're now ready to face any type of a world peace essay in front of you and come out as a legend. This is all you need to do well in that paper. With these unique and leading tricks on how to write a world peace essay, every instructor will be most obliged to grant you the top marks as a sign of appreciation for a good work done.

What more would you still like to know based on any world peace essay? Comment below!